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Across California, the University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources' (UC ANR) 64 Cooperative Extension offices are local problem-solving centers. We are the bridge between local issues and the power of UC research. Our county-based staff is part of the community – we live and work in the areas we serve. We turn science into solutions.

We foster healthy food systems, healthy environments, healthy communities and healthy Californians.

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Fruits and vegetables are highly perishable, which makes growing, harvesting, storing and shipping complicated and expensive. USDA's nutrition advice doesn't align with spending
According to the USDA's dietary recommendations - which are represented in the...

Weeds will compete with a new orchard for water, sun and nutrients, and interfere with harvest in mature orchards. Weeds in this orchard were killed with an herbicide. Researchers raise concern over paraquat health risks
The popular herbicide paraquat works well and is inexpensive, but emerging research shows a...

California grown plums can be sourced sustainably to help meet the goals of the UC Global Food Initiative. Sourcing sustainable food for students is a success
The UC system's goal to purchase 20 percent of its food from sustainable sources by 2020, one of...

UC Food Blog

  • Building blocks of health

    Cubes of baby food made from applesauce, potato puree, spinach puree, carrot puree, and pear puree. (Photo: Dayna Ravalin)

    The scenario: Tomorrow is farmers market day, but not just any market on any day. This market happens once a month as part of a collaboration between the Food Bank Coalition of San Luis Obispo County and Lopez High School. The high school, a continuation...

  • 'Agriculture: Food for Life' is the theme of National Ag Week

    Third grade students from Fremont Elementary School joined classmates on their way to Kearney's lettuce planting at last year's Farm and Nutrition Day.

    How are you celebrating American agriculture in your life? In advance of National Ag Week, March 19-25, and National Ag Day, March 21, Central Valley third-grade students were “learning with lettuce” how to bring more agriculture into their...

  • Enjoy your tree nuts: UC scientists help with regulatory compliance

    Almond kernel emerging from dried hull. (Photo: Melissa L. Partyka)

    California tree nut growers will soon have to comply with new agriculture water testing requirements under the Produce Safety Rule in the 2011 Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). University of California researchers and advisors are holding seminars to...

  • Start seedlings for your spring-summer vegetable garden

    Don't forget to label your seedlings, for proper space planning when transplanting. (Photo credit:

    Get a jump start on your spring-summer vegetable garden. Start growing seedlings indoors now to have young plants ready to go into the ground when the weather warms and there is no longer a threat of frost. Growing vegetables from seeds is a passion for...

  • Building trust in food systems – here and in Cambodia

    UC Davis researcher Karen LeGrand with Thort Chuong, in front of another farmer's nethouse in Cambodia built after they helped connect scientists, farmers, and marketers with technologies from the Horticulture Innovation Lab.

    What is the role of trust in our food system? Here in the United States, our trust in food is often implicit. We can generally trust that the fruits and vegetables we buy at a grocery store or farmers market are safe to eat — and we are often free...

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