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News gathering foray

The next two days I will be in the field gathering ANR news, so will not be able to post to this increasingly popular ANR news blog. Tomorrow I'll attend the "Methods of Fruit & Vegetable Flavor Analysis Workshop" at UC Davis. The event is coordinated by UC Davis enology professor Sue Ebeler and UC Cooperative Extension specialist Diane Barrett. The resulting story, which I plan to post on May 1, will cover UC's role in researching and developing human and instrumental flavor perception for the fresh and processed fruit and vegetable industries.

On Wednesday, I'll be at the UC Hopland Research and Extension Center, just south of Ukiah, to collect information on farm advisor Morgan Doran's research on non-chemical weed control in vineyards. He is trying to develop an aversion to the taste of grape leaves in sheep (by inducing a stomach ache with lithium chloride after they munch on grape leaves). Once these sheep have learned to avoid grape leaves, they could cleanup weeds without hurting the vines. If all goes as planned, this story will be posted on the ANR news Web site in mid-May with video and high-resolution photos.

Hopland Research and Extension Center
Hopland Research and Extension Center

Posted on Monday, April 23, 2007 at 1:00 PM

RSS link on the ANR news Web site

A link to the ANR news RSS now appears on the news Web site. Just click the orange button at the bottom of the left navigation bar. That takes you to a page with the address of the news RSS. If you add that address to your RSS reader, you will receive headlines and summaries of ANR news releases whenever they are posted to the ANR News Web Site.

Today, I posted a story from IPM's Stephanie Klunk about vine mealybug and two stories, authored by California Agriculture Journal managing editor Janet Byron, covering research reports in the most recent edition of the journal. One of the stories outlines the fact that folate levels are low in low-income women and the second reveals that native grasses persist for a decade on Sacramento Valley roadsides.

ANR News Web Site
ANR News Web Site

Posted on Friday, April 20, 2007 at 9:38 AM

Using new technology

At meetings I attended over the past two days, information technology experts explained the use of blogs, rss and podcasts for sharing information. This pushes those of us who weren't raised in the computer age a little further out of our comfort zone.

When I was hired by UC 17 years ago, I thought I was on the cutting edge when I was issued a laptop computer. The four-inch-thick, pasty white 20-pound Toshiba T1200 (which I still have here in my office) runs only DOS. E-mail and the Interenet weren't even on the radar.

I had a front-row seat as UCCE was pushed, sometimes dragged, into the information age. I learned a lot, and when new technologies are introduced, I try to remember the UCCE old-timers, now long-since retired, who had their secretaries print their e-mail for them because they were uncomfortable with new-fangled computer programs. And the ones who continued to use blurry overheads when young advisors were creating flashy presentations with the first versions of PowerPoint. I am trying to stay open to innovation.

So, I'm diving in. Here is the new ANR News Blog. I intend to write about news stories being generated by and about ANR advisors and specialists, promos about stories we have in the works, summaries with links to stories from other UC news sources that would be of interest to this audience, and from time to time, when appropriate, news-writing style issues. I hope you'll join me.


Posted on Thursday, April 19, 2007 at 3:01 PM

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