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Early Childhood Component

Early Childhood Component

The UC CalFresh Alameda program links the University of California and Early Childhood Education Providers through technical assistance, training and resource materials in the areas of nutrition, food safety & sanitation, child feeding practices, gardening and physical activity.

UC CalFresh Early Childhood Component serves preschoolers (3-5 years old), educators, and parents. The program aims to improve child health and well being through a comprehensive approach by supporting healthy food choices and an active lifestyle, which will also build an environment that supports and promotes the adoption of these practices. UC CalFresh's primary goal is to increase early childhood education providers' capacity to meet the health and nutrition needs of our ethnically diverse children 3-5 years old. 

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Mary Blackburn, PhD 

Nutrition, Family, and Consumer Sciences Advisor | (510) 670-5623 


Tuline Baykal  

UC CalFresh Program Manager | (510) 670-5631


Leticia Christian 

UC CalFresh Nutrition Educator | (510) 670-5632


Yolanda Silva 

UC CalFresh Nutrition Educator | (510) 670-5633


Haley Kerr 

UC CalFresh Nutrition Educator | (510) 670-5651




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