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Health and Wellness Newsletter for Early Childhood Educators

Four times a year, providers receive a newsletter with the latest information about nutrition research, seasonal healthy foods, building a garden connection and physical activity.

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Volume 1 | Issue 3 (896KB)

Teacher Corner: Creating Opportunities           

Obstacle Course & Scarf Shapes        

The Importance of Unstructured Physical Activity for Children          

Activities that Promote Movement Awareness in Preschoolers

Professional Development Resources                             

Children’s Health and Wellness Books

Volume 1 | Issue 2 (1,432KB)

Teacher's Corner: Creating Opportunities           

Movement and Physical Activities                                

Gardening is Physical Activity for Children                

Plant a Salad Garden Educational Resources for Early Childhood Educators

Selected Children’s  Literature on Health and Wellness

Volume 1 | Issue 1 (813KB)

Teacher's Corner: Creating Opportunities

Physical Activity Classroom Breaks

Building a Garden Connection: Eating Roots

Educational Resources for Early Childhood Educators

Selected Children's Literature on Health and Wellness

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