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Environmental Horticulture Program



Environmental Horticulture Program


Explosive population growth in the tri-county (Alameda, Contra Costa and Santa Clara) region continues to redeploy land previously devoted to production agriculture, grazing and "open space" to urban development.  As the number of golf courses, parks, school grounds, sports fields, cemeteries, business parks, and commercial and residential landscapes increases, so does the need for people who can manage these green spaces.  Clients are involved in the production, design, installation, maintenance, sales, and service of plant materials, and include:  landscape architects and designers; landscape contractors; grounds maintenance personnel for schools, parks, sports fields, hospitals, cemeteries, golf courses, highways, airports and other commercial facilities;  salespeople in businesses ranging from chemicals to retail nurseries;  and service individuals and groups,  including those in public works (e.g.  water agencies, flood control districts, sewage treatment and waste disposal agencies, road departments), and educational institutions.


The Environmental Horticulture program includes research, publications, seminars, field days, and other large gatherings,  as well as individual telephone consultations and on-site problem solving focusing on:


Turfgrass Adaptability and Culture


Evaluation of Drought Tolerant and Low Maintenance Turfgrasses

Pest Resistance Turfgrasses

Integrated Pest Management

Water Conservation and Management

Utlilization of Recycled Water for Irrigation

Green Waste Control and Management

Pest Management and Pesticide Safety

Urban Landscaping and Soil Management


Note:  The Environmental Horticulture Advisor is available to work with professional and commercial managers only.  Those with HOME gardening questions should call the Alameda County Master Gardener Program at (510) 639-1371.  Residents outside Alameda County should contact their own county Cooperative Extension office,  listed at : http://ucanr.org/ce.cfm


Contact: Dr. Ali Harivandi


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Environmental Horticulturist, Emeritus


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