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Nutrition, Family & Consumer Science


Nutrition, Family and Consumer Sciences Program

The Nutrition, Family and Consumer Sciences program (NFCS) provides family and community nutrition education, community consultation, educational resources.  Applied research targets nutrition and wellness issues impacting limited-income populations, high-risk families with small children and the general population.  Our theme is to enhance family life survival skills and the quality of family and community life.  The goal of the NFCS program is to promote healthy attitudes and lifestyle practices, improve nutritional health and well-being, enhance family life survival skills, and improve food safety practices in the home and community.

Food Stamp Nutrition, Electronic Benefit Transfer & Farmers’ Market Outreach

Goal: Promote the use of food stamps as a nutrition education program, not welfare.
Activities:  Workshops: nutrition education, healthy foods, Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT), promote fruit and vegetable intake, and smart low cost food shopping at Farmers’ Markets.

Quality of Life Education for Older Americans (Q Life)

Goal: Increase the understanding and practice of nutrition and lifestyle risk reduction skills of seniors.
Activities: Promote better quality of life for older Americans while living with chronic diseases and conduct research.

Research: Family and Child Nutrition Practices and Substance Abuse Recovery

Goal: Assess family nutrition education and wellness needs of high risk parents with small children.
Potential Outcome:  Develop nutrition education, health and well-being teaching materials, and teaching techniques for parents with small children trying to recover from substance abuse.

Grandchildren Living with Grandparents in California

Goal: Establish prevalence rates, service needs, and educational and training priorities.
Activities: Use research reports to generate program funding, help establish a network of caregivers and providers in California, and conduct nutrition, wellness, and parenting education for grandparents.

Adult Food Stamp Nutrition Education Program (FSNEP).

Goal: Conduct nutrition education to improve dietary, food preparation, and safe food handling skills.
Activities: Workshops: nutrition, money management; House Calls direct mail nutrition and life skills.

Adult Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP)

Goal: Provide nutrition and family resource management education to improve the dietary well-being of low-income, ethnically diverse at-risk families with small children.
Activities: Workshops: nutrition, money management, food safety, and research on educational needs


Dr. Mary L. Blackburn
Nutrition, Family & Consumer Science Advisor
510-670-5623 mlblackburn@ucdavis.edu