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Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program-EFNEP Youth


EFNEP Youth Program  



The delivery of EFNEP to youth takes on various forms.  EFNEP provides education at schools as an enrichment of the curriculum, in after-school care programs and through 4-H EFNEP clubs, day camps residential camps, community center and neighborhood groups.

Here in Alameda County EFNEP is focusing on two curriculums to educate our youth about the importance of a healthy lifestyle that includes healthy eating and physical activity. The EatFit curriculum is designed to challenge middle school students to improve their eating and fitness choices. Nutri-Link is an innovative internet-based after-school nutrition education program for youth ages 8-13.

Both curriculums promote positive youth development by increasing youth's knowledge of the role nutrition and physical activity has on their health.

For more information contact:
Inez Rosa

EFNEP-Youth Program Representative