Fancy Meeting You Here, Mr. Potato Capsid

One potato, two potato, three potato, four...

You never know what will pop up in a pollinator garden.

Meet Mr. Potato Capsid, Closterotomus norvegicus, often found on nettle, potato, clover and cannabis.

We spotted him (or her) in a Vacaville pollinator garden, where there is no nettle, potato, clover or cannabis. But it also feeds on chrysanthemum, carrots and members of the sunflower family, Asteraceae.

It popped up on a chrysanthemum blossom. The insect is green and probably a nymph as the color changes, when it's an adult, to reddish brown.

It belongs to the family Miridae. Entomologists point out that this family is the largest of true bugs belonging to the suborder Heteroptera

At first we thought it was a lygus bug, which is also a myrid and a serious pest of cotton, strawberry and alfalfa.

But no, a potato capsid, an insect originating in the Mediterranean region. It prefers to feed on flowers, buds and unripe fruit.

Same family, though.